smartSTATUS for smartphone
Location awareness capabilities in projects and tasks
We are excited to announce new capabilities of location awareness in the smartSTATUS product.
Now your smartphone enabled team-members can access and contribute information SPECIFIC to their location, and you can all make informed decisions, for example:

Every time team members check the portal for access to their task list, inventory, documents, or even to check the weather, their location is updated, making it easy for dispatchers or co-workers to know where they are and direct service or support calls their way....

Need a part?  Need a service technician?  Wherever you are, smartSTATUS can quickly find the nearest skilled team member or in-stock supplier to your location....

Want to schedule an impromptu team meeting or find a central place that works for everyone....

What will real-time access to location mean to your team?

Let us know, we are keen to show how swiftly this value can be recognized by your organization.