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Our mission:
To provide secure, simply-used, yet powerful collaborative solutions
that empower and enable business users, while reducing strain on
existing IT resources, removing bottlenecks and ensuring integrity.

Our goals:
* Present meaningful, personalized applications, data and content.
* Engage all Users, external and internal, of the enterprise.
* Assess and confirm security of the enterprise "crown-jewels".
* Create auditable, collaborative access to processes and data.
* Prevent in-appropriate access to data.
Our differentiator:
Extending secure access of meaningful information and interaction
to mobile device Users.

We provision browser-based applications swiftly, accurately and at fixed cost.

Our team engage to provide secure reporting on mobile workforce activi
deSABRAN announces additional team members
Security is vital when mobile team members need real-time information
deSabran invited to create a complicated portal
deSabran selected to provide options to deliver statements
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