Who are we?

The deSABRAN team enjoys a deep history in providing real-world solutions.

Coming from an international consulting organization of over 10,000 people, we understand process and it’s value, but more importantly how to scale process to fit, from small to medium sized organizations to vital departments of the Fortune 100.

Secure enablement is our mantra, and appropriate access to appropriate data is our goal.

What Do We Do?

We have spent over sixteen years developing and refining a solid portal framework. We provide it, under perpetual license, to our Clients where a portal solution is the right outcome. This framework represents, typically, sixty percent of browser accessible business application requirements. It is proven, and means that we can provision:

Fast – We can build applications that support your business processes very swiftly and with predictable results.

Fixed cost – Yes, as our development process is predictable we can provide business application development at fixed cost, and minimize your risk and exposure.

Quality – Our team provide applications that function, exactly as designed, every time. The last sixteen years of publishing solutions give us an enviable list of references that we are happy to share.The smartWEBSUITE portal framework provides management of security and User rights and access. It provides compliance tools, (HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, GLBA etc), to ensure that your team are protected by best-practice coding, and advices from our strategy team that helps highlight any areas of security concern or complacency. deSabran’s team has provided advices, and application, to the Fortune 100 in the area of secure application development and provisioning.Our four step process to successful application deployment starts with a strategic analysis of the requirement, or a review of the analysis your chosen team have already conducted. We will provide a no-nonsense, business proposal to partner with your team(s) to achieve your goals.

Other experience

Our team have contributed to projects requiring strong security, yet still making information available to Users external to the Enterprise, seamlessly. This has meant that we get to consider and advise on server and protocol security in addition to providing a secure portal. We maintain industry credentials and qualifications to ensure our advices are meaningful.

A couple of examples of our team providing security assessments:
* A Legal Organization, headquartered in Washington with 60 offices worldwide.
* A premier credit card provider headquartered in Colorado.
These assessments included both external penetration tests and physical security reviews.

These experiences brought in-valuable intelligence that we have “baked-in” to our portal framework. The potential for multi-factor authentication, identity management, and protection from denial of service attacks are just three examples…

We look forward to discussing all aspects of security for your project.