We enable LBS (Location-Based-Services), but so much more. Location PLUS real-time interaction with web services provided by smartWEBSUITE, directly and securely, to smartphone Users, offers us a solid edge over our competitors in collaborative technologies.

Getting visibility of MEANINGFUL real-time information to your teams, collaborators and Customers can be incredibly valuable and enable good/better/best decision-making. This information can be delivered to smartphone devices (BlackBerry™ & Windows Mobile®) which is the device so much more likely to be both available to Users and have connectivity. AND those mobile Users can interact with the applications and update as necessary. Decision-making on the go.

So many features that can leverage both the ubiquity of the smartphone, and the data that Users can share, make smartWEBSUITE a smart choice for businesses of any size, where location and REAL-TIME data is important, or vital.